Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Glitter and Shine

You can always tell when someone has been using glitter. You can never quite get it all off of you. I noticed a few tiny specks once on a friend's cheek. Most of the time, they weren't even noticeable, but if she turned her head a certain way, I'd see a tiny glint of light shimmer on her cheek for a second. Occasionally, in bright daylight, I'd really be dazzled by their bright shine and sparkle! It all depended on my point of view.
Seeing the difficulties someone is going through is the same as seeing the glitter's sparkle...it depends on your point of view. I may be shocked to hear someone filed for divorce, whereas, a person closer to the couple may have predicted it. I find living with a painful disease is like that; some friends seem insensitive to my inability to "keep up", for instance. My lack of health is not "glinting" brightly enough for them to notice my problem. Other friends seem to be keenly aware of my situation, as if the "glitter" is always shining brightly to them. I know I have not always seen the pain in the faces of my friends like I feel I should have. Their current "pain" of a child struggling in school or the threat of a home foreclosure or feelings of depression and despair are not obvious to me. Oh, I may be generally aware of their struggle, but I know I have not seen the "glitter shine" like I should have. It seems we often fail one another by our lack of sympathy or lack of true concern. Life is hard for everyone like that. We all NEED pity and help but rarely seem to GIVE pity and help.
But all is not hopeless!! We have a loving God who is full of compassion and tender mercies toward us. He always sees the glint of our glitter!! And He NEVER runs out of patience with us...but, in fact, understands us far better than we understand ourselves! When you feel like no one sees or cares, KNOW that there is an almighty God who does know and care. Run to Him in your time of trouble. You will find that Jesus will always care and will love you unconditionally!

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