Saturday, June 18, 2011


We've been having our share of bad weather here in Memphis lately; record flooding (that crept closer and closer to my home...yikes!), and recently some high temperatures and banging t-storms in the afternoon. Typical summer in the South, I guess. I should be used to it, but I still freak out when the power goes out...I mean, it gets hot fast when it's 98* outside and then it gets very dark after sunset...I mean really dark! It's strange how black it gets when every light is out...the timer on the stove~out, the outdoor floodlights~ out, every streetlight~out and it's too dark to find the flashlight lying in the drawer!!! When I do find it and snap it on, the beam is dazzlingly bright...and comforting, too.

Have you ever been in the pitch dark of a horrible situation? Divorce? Sick loved one? Deep depression? Fear of failure or loss? Wounded and hurt emotionally? Man, I have! That kind of darkness is paralyzing; there seems to be no answer, so hope dies and the dark gets deeper.

There is absolutely only ONE "flashlight"... The Word of God, and it's "battery" is faith in what God says to you from His Word. Your obedience to what you've placed your faith in from Scripture will point the light beam toward the way out of the dark or will relieve the despair and panic darkness creates. Absolutely nothing in my life is beyond the control or knowledge of God. He sees perfectly well in the dark, so hug up to Him and don't be afraid of the dark!

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