Sunday, June 5, 2011

Was talking too a very depressed friend tonight. The last 5-6 years had been tough ones full of financial pressures, emotional roller coasters and serious setbacks. Truly he had been through some hard stuff, and I totally understood his depression. What was so troubling, though, was that he couldn't see his oun culpability in any of him, it was all God's fault (or mostly). I've felt like that before. Hard experiences always present the choice between two things: blaming God or trusting God. I'm sad to say that many of us opt for the blame-game...after all, we're good people, trying our best. How could God do this to me?????

After about 3 hours of conversation, and lots of "flare prayers" on my part, he began to admit that he was CHOOSING to refuse to believe that God loved him and only dealt with him from a position of love and would never harm him. The proof of his belief in a spiritual lie was the misery he was living in. Faith in the love of God and trusting Him no matter what the circumstances results in peace and inner joy, because the fear of impending doom is gone and hopefulness returns. That result is proof that you're believing the truth; because truth is part of God and He brings life.

What about you? Your state-of-heart will tell you if you're believing a lie or the truth.
Choose truth and keep pressing on!

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