Friday, July 29, 2011

Solitary Confinement

Suffering has many common aspects no matter what is causing it. All of them are grueling issues that must be endured...hopefully with patience and firm faith that the Lord is right in the middle of it with you! One of the worst aspects to me is the isolation that suffering causes. It's very helpful to talk to someone going through the same trauma, but because we are unique individuals, there are differences in the common experience. Often, though, we might not even know someone going through the pain we are. This loneliness can really cause some major discouragement, in spite of loving friends and family. I often wish I could talk to someone who has C.I.D.P. because my family/friends don't know what a numb hand feels like or the fear of losing the use of your hands, for example, feels like. Sympathy, unfortunately, only goes so far...empathy is much harder to find. And so we really are in solitary confinement with no hope of release.

When I begin to feel those walls press in on me, the only relief I get is in the Lord. Because He is God, He really does "get it". I don't have to go through the total frustration of trying to explain anything to Him. He already knows. Also, He will provide strength to bear it...this I know from experience. Whenever I cry out to Him, I realize later that I am much calmer, less afraid and more able to relax. Don't ask me how this just does!! Plus, I know He knew I would be going through this way before I did...He is not taken by surprise like I am.

Jesus told us He would be with us always, even until the end of the world. So when I feel like my world is ending and I am alone in my misery...I NEVER am. He is there just like He promised and I am never alone!! Either are you!

Keep pressing on.

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  1. So true. One of the reasons the internet can become a powerful tool. It makes it possible to reach outside of our solitude and find solace in others who may be going through the same things, or not, but willing to listen and understand.
    Have you searched online for a CIPD forum? Ihave found forums to be great places to find others in the same place I am.
    Love you!