Monday, August 27, 2012

Changing Times

I like change...well, some of them, anyway.  I like the change of season; I like to change my furniture arrangement or my hair color.  But I definitely DO NOT like any change that stresses me out or upsets my plans...who does?  Recently our two sons moved out of our home into an apartment.  I like their roommate.  I like their apartment.  I do not like their absence.  In fact, I thought I'd never get over crying every night I passed their former (empty) room.  We see them every week and often talk on the phone but it's not the same as having them here.  I found it ironic that this change has created two very different reactions.  I'm sad...they are THRILLED!!!!  They are reveling in their new status and I am wallowing in longing for the way it used to be.  This is a phenomenon I've observed many times.  A divorce often results in one very ecstatic "free" person and one that is totally devastated.  One person receives a promotion while another feels "passed over".  There is a strange dynamic to most changes...two polar opposite sides.  It's a ball when a change is positive...but what about when you are on the down side of the situation?  How do you cope with the pain that change often brings?

I recently posted on my FB status that God is more interested in changing us than He is in changing our environment.  Perhaps that's the real reason behind sudden, unexpected negative changes...God is trying to CHANGE US.  You know the old saying, "no pain, no gain"?  Could it be that a fundamental way to deal with change is to see God's hand in it?  I know that this is paramount...GOD IS IN CONTROL.  When life is going from bad to worse, I am learning to look for the area this change is most affecting in ME.  My husband and I are very close, but we're drawing even closer now that we are back to being just a couple.  When I realized this, the tears over my empty nest began to dry up.  I am seeing a very positive aspect to what felt like a catastrophe to me.  If only I could immediately see the wonderful thing God intends when the change hits me, I might be calmer  during the change.  But, that would not encourage faith, would it?  When the bills are passed due and a lay-off occurs and panic sets in...use that panic as an indicator that God is at work IN you by changing things around you.  Exercise faith in God that He hasn't lost track of your life, even when it really looks like He has.  Looking back over my life, I can clearly see what a total waste of time panic is and how pointless it is to resist or resent change.  Instead, let's purpose to learn to embrace it and leave the outcome to the Lord...after all...HE NEVER CHANGES and that's a fact that will never change!!!! 

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