Monday, April 18, 2011

Heart pains

I'm of the strong opinion that emotional is worse than physical discomfort. After all, there's no pill for hurt hearts. When I was recently hurt, I noticed that it actually caused my physical pain to worsen, and I could not turn off my brain! I kept replaying the conversation, stabbing myself over and over again like a never ending emotional suicide. Finally, I just pulled inward and then everyone around me was miserable too.

Looking back over tonight I can say one thing for sure: the power of life and death is truly in the tongue...just like the Bible says. Once words hit the ears of the receiver, it's like a virus or a vitamin to their soul...forever becoming part of them and changing them permanently. It's been very frightening to reflect back on tonight; the words of one person affected five others, though only heard by one. That's just like a contagious disease.

Lesson learned VERY careful what you say; you're speaking life or death...not just words.

Keep pressing on!

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