Sunday, April 10, 2011

Take your meds

The last two days have been bizarre! My disease causes lethargy, but this was way beyond that. I felt like I was in a stupor...trying desperately to just stay awake...forget about being alert. To top it off, Jeff had taken off work Friday so we could have a long weekend, go out a know, just play. Well, I could not peel myself out of the recliner for two days. I was frustrated, annoyed and scared. What was going wrong with me now??? Eventually, I realized I had been out of my thyroid med for a week or so; that was what was causing the extreme tiredness. Got the medication, and felt better after one dose. Thank you Lord for my medication!

But the exact same response happens to us spiritually when we fail to take our spiritual medicine.. The Word of God. When we neglect our daily dose our spirits become weak and faithless. The sicknesses of doubt and self-pity infect us and we really start to need our spiritual medicine. After all it is called "Life"! Are you in the blahs lately, fighting to even believe God the Father even cares? RUN TO THE CURE! Just like I have no real understanding how my thyroid med helped me, I don't know how the Word fuels me but it does. Have you had your dose today? If not, read a psalm and hear the Lord's heart toward you.

hangeth thou in there!

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